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LEVC TXE - from £340 per week.
Euro 6 Vito & LTI TX4 - from £275 per week.
Vito Euro 5 - from £240 per week.

  • Our rental fleet of London Licensed Taxis is mainly comprised of LEVC TXE, Mercedes Vito Euro 6, and a limited amount of TX4 and EU5 Vito.

  • All our London Licensed Taxis are black (black cabs) and have no adverts or advertising screens.

  • Each black cab is fitted with a Cabvision payment system and supplied with one of our own taxi meters.

  • Support of our licensed taxi fleet is carried out directly by Mercedes-Benz as well as KPM Automotive who are LEVC maintenance agents and Mercedes-Benz specialists, having introduced Vito Taxis to the market in 2008.

  • 24/7 Mercedes-Benz Assist road-side recovery on all Vitos


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